Check Weigher

A compact end of the line inspection solution on a single frame . The system has small footprints, easy to install, easy to operate, flexibility, hygiene, high speed processing and optimal accuracy. Two quick response load cells in combination with the AFV ( anti floor vibration ) mechanism. AFV increases accuracy by canceling out effect of vibration .Optional attachments of metal detection.

♦ Speed 300 products per minute depending on pack weight and linear speed .
♦ Air supply 5.5 to 6 bar 80 psi
♦ Metal detector aperture 250 mm
♦ Accuracy +/- 100 mg ( +/- 1 sigma )
♦ Printer attachment option
♦ Interface capability


Complete protection from metal, glass, stone plastics and other dense foreign objects. The system can screen your 100% production and immediately identify contaminants give accurate feedback for your to take fast corrective action.
The system once shown three to five good packages, it sets the benchmark and automatically determine what is good and then you are prompted to test the set up by passing the products through the aperture. The bad packages are flagged off and the image displays what is found.


On-Line Check weigher for shipper carton is a static weigher which has a output of 6-7 units per minute. The operation is done by a pneumatic cam arrangement which is inturn connected to a load cell which records the real time weight of the products, The system can be upgraded with software which could give a detailed real time status with regard to :
» Number of units packed per shift or per hour
» Number of rejects and classification of rejections

Production data complied can give an insight to strive towards higher operational efficiency.The data can be networked on LAN and remote access which give real time and accurate status of each line and incase of deviation from the norm, it can be easily spotted and swift corrective action can be taken.