The cardboard blanks are extracted from the blank magazine with suction cups and positioned into a continuous running feed chain. The products are pre-grouped in the prescribed matrix and the descent of the product upon cardboard blank leads to a tight package. The hot melt adhesive is sprayed with nozzle gun and the unitized package is kept under pressure by pneumatic cylinder for effective adhesion.


The flexible modular design and servo drive technology of the wrap around and tray packers results in powerful, economic, flexible, user friendly, low maintenance & very highly efficient system.

Size change: The product change-over is fast, easy and accurate. The adjustment product infeed, blank magazine and basic machine can be made by hand wheels. Modular design ensure high flexibility for packages with cardboard blanks, package with tray, pad and /or film.


Variety of products :

The unique design of the product infeed, pre-grouping and accumulation of products allows the flexibility for a range of sizes.





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