Low-level automatic palletiser with the pallet in a stationary position for low production needs. Ideal for cartons, crates, jerry cans and shrink-packed products. The products on infeed are distanced one from the other, oriented, grouped into layers and placed on the pallet in a pre-determined programme.


  Technical Specification

  Mechanical speed per minute

  Installed power

 Air consumption

  Air pressure


Cycle/ min.












Sweep palletisers with minimal footprint, which can be supplied with high or low level infeed and can be adapted for a wide range of products.


Quick Investment Return

Due to the rationalisation of the design in both size and operation, the machines have an excellent quality vs price balance allowing a quick payback on the initial investment.


Multi Palletising

In alternative to palletising with the pallet on the ground or directly on the pallet outfeed conveyor, the palletiser can be fitted with a shuttle car system in the layer unloading area with two or more stations to allow different products to be palletised simultaneously on separate pallets.



High-level infeed

Multi-pallet stations to palletise different products on different pallets

Pallet conveyors

Empty pallet magazine

Layercard placement device

conveyor for transport of completed pallets

Control by touch screen.






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